About Us

Yangu Beauty is an award winning skincare line based in Dallas, Texas. Yangu Beauty uses ancient African Oils, herbs and cutting edge science to create its products. The skincare line combines scientifically advanced technology with ancient natural African ingredients to create the best skincare products for women of color and women with sensitive skin.

In 2018, three of Yangu Beauty‘s products garnered top awards of best product from the Austin, Texas based Naturally Curly Editors Choice Awards. The two cleansers: The Cleansing Whip and the Gel To Milk Cleansers were best foaming cleanser and best gel cleanser respectively for 2018.  The Even Tone Serum won the best serum for 2018.

Yangu Beauty™, translates to “My Beauty” in most Bantu Languages and KiSwahili, covering over 180 million people. Yangu Beauty™, took the ancient wisdom of the tried and true herbs, plants and oils of our foremothers in Southern Africa and combined them with new and cutting edge science for a new skincare line for women of color developed by women. Yangu Beauty™ skincare combines scientifically advanced technology with natural ingredients from Africa to provide the best skincare products for women of color.

We strive to deliver to our customers the most natural, but technologically advanced, highly efficacious formulas in the world to create your most beautiful complexion. We are committed to creating skin health and beauty, and to the pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the field of dark skin needs. Our mission is to build optimum opportunities for the physical and emotional states of being for us, women of color. Our portfolio consists of the finest quality lifestyle products that deliver outstanding customer experiences at an exceptional value while focused on the ultimate goal— We not only want you to look beautiful, we want you to feel it.

Yangu Beauty™ - My Beauty is Your Beauty. For Women by Women. Ancient African beauty secrets from our foremothers, enhanced by cutting edge science for the modern woman of color.



Origins of Yangu Beauty:

In the skincare world there are few options for women of color looking for natural products that deliver real results. Women of color have unique skincare challenges and specific needs that need to be addressed. It is the reason Yangu Beauty skincare line was born. Our products are formulated specifically for women of color, combining simple, effective, traditional ingredients from the heart of Africa with the latest in scientific advancements to deliver targeted results. Sipho Gumbo, The creator of Yangu Beauty, sought out a leading expert in skincare chemistry to help transform her authentic recipes into a skincare line for today’ s modern woman. Yangu Beauty uses unique properties of ancient African oils to gently cleanse, provide balanced moisture, protect from environmental stresses and eliminate hyperpigmentation and scarring for even skin tone. At last a skincare collection addressing the needs of women of color. Our products are free from harmful ingredients and colorants. Yangu Beauty products are noncomedogenic, filled with humectants and designed as a synegystic system to increase your skin’s beauty with each use.
Yangu Beauty -the science behind natural beauty.