I love it!

Being a cosmetologist for 10 plus years I haven't found a night cream I like and I don't just like this night cream, I love it! I also love the fact it has vitamin e in it and Mongongo oil. I have never used a night cream with those ingredients and they do not disappoint.

Best Skincare Line Ever!

This is absolutely the best skincare line I have ever used!!! I have tried out the gel to milk cleanser, bright eyes cream, and night cream and I am SO IMPRESSED. My skin has never felt so good or soft before! Definitely recommending Yangu Beauty to all of my friends!!!

Beautiful Rich Emollient Cream

As a license esthetician I can honestly say I like the Yangu Beauty Finishing Night Cream. This beautiful rich emollient cream is awesome! My favorite thing about this product it was made for people with a higher Fitzpatrick scale, sensitive skin types, and it’s a great anti-aging emollient! This night cream has wonderful ingredients such as mongongo oil, marula oil, and vitamin E which helps rehydrates the skin, brighten the skin, and restore.

Serious Hydration

When I, as a woman over 40, say I need a night cream that provides serious hydration, THIS is the kind of product I'm talking about. Yangu Beauty, you have hit the nail on the head with this fantastic Finishing Night Cream!

Perfect Balance

Yangu moisturizer is the perfect balance of being nutritive but readily absorbed. There's no greasiness involved, and my skin feels nurtured and luminous in the morning. I love the herbaceous aroma of this product and the consistency is excellent. As an esthetician for ten years, I would definitely recommend this product for those who have combination skin.