A tribute to Yangu Beauty products from my friend Pam Samusuwo Nyawiri of Vanhu Vamwe

By Pamela Samusuwo Nyawiri.

A few years ago I made contact with Sipho Gumbo on FB. We started to talk about a charity in Zimbabwe she ran with a friend, and how I could get involved. The relationship continued and she shared with me her interest in developing a skin care range. I knew nothing about that area, but what I know is to cheer-lead a vision. After some back and forth, research and perfecting the formulae, Sipho finally in-boxed me to tell me that she was now sorting out her packaging.
You can imagine my joy when a box, I mean A BIG BOX full of the skin range was delivered to my home! I shed tears, because I knew how much she had wanted this and cried even more when I saw how well articulated the product was. I often said to my husband that I am so inspired by how Sipho pushed against all odds, women who inspire and yet do not even know it.
I have a skin condition, and when I have my outbreaks, I stay indoors, and that is not out of vanity, but out of fear of shocking those who see me. My friends and family will tell you that I do not always have the best skin so it is important what I put on my skin. I have been using Yangu Beauty for a month now, this was after coaxing from my daughters as I was scared. You can smell the herbs and natural goodness in it. The Serum especially is an award winner as I use it as a primer. My makeup has never looked so solid and everything that encompasses all the products is to be reckoned with.
The box says:
''My Beauty is your beauty, For women, by women. Ancient African beauty secrets from our Fore-Mothers enhanced by cutting edge science for the modern woman of colour'' I LOVE THIS!! As an Advocate of ethically produced products, I am so happy that more women have the mindset to care about how products are made and are infusing ethical and sustainable practices! CONGRATULATIONS darling so proud. As an official sponsor of A Woman With No Country, Yangu Beauty has gifted us with this high end product, whose price is to be respected as it WORKS. Ladies, welcome to a the world of gifts that give back. It is my honour to pass the gift to those who will be attending the Round table Luncheon and Book Launch.
Yangu Beauty ( FB), https://www.yangubeauty.com/
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