Skincare 101


Skipcare? Yangu Beauty helps you do less with more!

September 18 2019
Yangu Beauty's simple skincare routines.

Double Cleansing - a secret to maintaining healthy skin!

September 18 2019
Double cleansing is a Korean beauty (K-beauty) skin care ritual in which you cleanse your face twice to get a deeper clean. It begins with using an oil cleanser first and then follows up with a water or gel based cleanser second.

6 African Superfoods for Your Healthiest and Most Glowing Skin Yet

September 17 2019
6 African Superfoods for your healthiest and most glowing skin yet. They include: Yangu Oil, Mafura Butter, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Rooibos Tea, and Mongongo Oil.