Do you have dry skin around the delicate eye area?

Winter is here, and this one has been brutal. We feel the extent of the winter on our largest organ, our skin. It is amazing how seasons affect our skin. It is the reason we have to develop a regimen that protects our skin for all seasons. In winter the story is the same, dry skin.

While the whole body gets really dry in winter, on this writing I will focus on the dry skin around the eyes. The eye area is very delicate and needs special attention. Because the skin is so delicate, one has to be careful on how they protect the eye area. For dry skin around the eye area, one needs a moisturizing yet gentle eye cream. It has to be fragrance free, as many fragrances tend to irritate the eyes and not be user friendly.


For all winter dry eyes problems, we recommend Yangu Beauty Bright Eyes Cream. It is a hydrating cream that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and a peptide complex that work to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, and restore more supple smooth skin in the delicate eye area. It contains the YMB Complex that is created with natural ancient oils from Africa. These oils are known to be rich in fatty acids and their nourishing, protective and healing properties. If you are having dry skin around your eyes this winter, visit


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