Yangu Oil - Natural Skincare for African American Skin

Ancient African Oil

Yangu oil is a very rare natural oil native to South Africa. When applied to facial skin, the skin drinks this natural oil up. High in nourishing essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it helps naturally protect the skin from UV damage. 

Yangu oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of the Cape Chestnut tree. This extremely stable oil provides fantastic protection against UV rays and damage. 

Nourishing Oil for Glowing Skin

Yangu oil gives skin a beautiful healthy glow and is perfect for daily use. When using natural facial oils, it is important to choose the right kinds of oils for your skin type. 

Yangu Oil contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that are perfectly absorbed by skin and give it a beautiful glow. It also provides the extra layer of moisture that is needed by melanin-rich skin.

Even women with sensitive skin are able to use Yangu oil* (*always make sure to do a patch test first) due to its gentle, natural chemistry. 

Natural UV Protection

Yangu oil provides amazing natural protection against UV rays and damage. Several scientific studies show Yangu oil to be highly effective at protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation. 

Local women of Africa use this natural oil to protect the skin, scalp, and hair from UV rays. When added to cleansing agents, it is able to add softness and lessen the drying effect of many soaps. It is often used in facial soaps and shampoos. 

Yangu Oil Uses

Yangu oil is used in soaps, face creams, body lotions, hair oils, hair conditioners, sun care products, body oils, and balms. This natural African oil is non-drying and non-toxic and is perfect for sensitive skin.