Winter Is Coming, protect and defend yourself against dry skin.

Winter is coming’… has been a mantra for one popular TV show. This saying came true this winter season. From the Bomb cyclone to arctic blast, that enveloped the whole nation, from Maine to San Antonio. It has been cold. Such cold, harsh conditions are the primary cause of dry skin in winter. What to do when it is blistering cold to protect your skin?

  1. Choose your cleanser carefully. So what makes a good winter cleanser?
  • It is gentle, that does not strip your skin of its natural oils.
  • It is hydrating
  • It does not contain petrolatum

I recommend Yangu Beauty’s Gel to Milk Cleanser: This amazing cleanser is packed with natural ancient African oils. It is a soothing cleanser that gently removes make up and impurities from your skin. It is infused with the African Kalahari Melon Seed that has been used for centuries by the oldest humans on earth. It is known for balancing moisture and sebum. This cleanser, turns into milk as it cleanses your skin leaving it soft, supple and hydrated.

A gentle, soothing and hydrating cleanser should be your first line of defense in protecting your skin.

  1. A good moisturizer is King: One of the basic rules of keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is to have it moisturized. Nothing says dull skin like dry skin. The only way to breath life into dull, dry skin is a good moisturizer. What makes a good moisturizer? It has to moisturize and keep the skin moisturized all day. This cannot be a temporary feeling. My recommendation is the Yangu Beauty Moisturizing Day Cream. This moisture rich cream is packed with antioxidants and provides intense hydration needed for brutal winter conditions.

It contains excellent ancient African oils known to reinforce skin barrier and balance essential oils. It also contains Yangu Beauty’s powerful YMB complex and the pore-refining complexes. These dual complexes help minimize the look of pores. This moisturizer is a must have this winter.


  1. Moisturizing can not be emphasized enough in winter time. Its not only the cold conditions out side that creates dry skin. The heating systems in our homes create dry air, which also increase skin dryness. It is highly recommended that a good night cream be used. Yangu Beauty’s Finishing Night Cream, is a super hydrating night cream, this rich emollient formula also contains Yangu Beauty Pore Refining Complex™ to help balance essential oils and minimize the appearance of pores, keeping skin clear and radiant. It is infused with Marula and Mongongo oils from Africa, known for their protective properties and high fatty acid content, for overnight hydration and barrier repair.

These three products will help keep dry skin at bay through out this winter.

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