Bright Eyes Cream For Ms. Barbara.

Bright Eyes Cream For Ms. Barbara

Speaking of the Bright Eyes Cream. A few weeks ago, I was at the Drifters Inc. Conference in Fort Worth.( An organization that consist of .."dynamic women with charitable,civic, educational and social interest who have dedicated their talents to the enhancement of their chosen communities, and the universal image of womanhood"Drifters Inc)

I had a great moment with Ms. Barbara from Dallas. She came and sat on a pink chair next to my booth, she turned and said ‘you might as well start telling me about your products while I am sitting on your chair here’ I went on my sales pitch describing Yangu Beauty products, it was when I mentioned the Bright Eyes Cream that Ms. Barbara just burst out in laughter and she said , ‘Oh honey I know I do need some of that eye stuff you could have just told me so’ By that time I had joined her in a infectious laugh. We laughed so hard while I was trying to tell her that I was just describing my product line: while she insisted that I had noticed that her eyes needed help. Because of this product Ms Barbara and I bonded in a great laugh. She went into her meeting and came back and said ‘I am back and I am getting some of that Eye stuff you were talking about. The following morning when she showed up at my booth our greeting was a loud laugh. We giggled as she sat once again on the comfortable chair. Just then, another vendor who had requested my information came to me and said, ‘your last name is Gumbo?’ I told her, that it was. She turned and said, ‘you won’t believe this, we have something especially for you,’ she showed me this beautiful cutting board embossed Gumbo on it with her daughter’s beautiful artwork on it. At that moment, I just looked at Ms. Barbara and said, you will not believe what just happened to me. As I shared my story with her I said to her some things are just meant to be. We were meant to meet and you were meant to try The Bright Eyes Cream and I was meant to have this cutting /cheese board. I did make new friends and had a wonderful time. # Yangu Beauty # Bright Eyes Cream # # Beautiful Women# laughter is good medicine.